Antoine Gaber Illustration for education about Inherited Colorectal Cancer


Colorectal Cancer Can Run in the Family, a book written by the field’s foremost specialists, provides a straightforward explanation of the disease, which has been one of the most tabooed types of cancer. The book aims at informing patients and their families about the risk factors associated with the disease (and genetically related risks) and advocates early detection in the near future.

Furthermore, this book has also received a great support from high profile figurehead, also affected by colorectal cancer such as Mrs. Lynn Faulds Wood, famous BBC TV Presenter who wrote the Preface of the book.

The art cover of the book, created by Antoine Gaber, represents cherry trees blossoming in the springtime, with members of a family dancing, hand in hand, around one of the cherry trees. The roots of the trees, normally hidden under the earth, are depicted and symbolize how we absorb nourishment from our food.

Although only available in English for the moment, Colorectal Cancer Can Run in the Family will be translated into no fewer than eight languages.

About the Image on the book cover Colorectal Cancer Can Run in the Family

Colorectal cancer has generally been a challenging topic to discuss with patients and their relatives because of the different cultural barriers that exist around the world. The artist Antoine Gaber, also a cancer researcher, created this painting especially to assist the patients, and their Family members to be able to provide an ease of opening a discussion on the topic with the Medical Community and Healthcare providers. The current painting is a simple image that can relate the concept to better understand the disease, and this adapted to any culture, individual, and this at any age.



Gaber’s book covers artwork, can also be used for the production of posters to be displayed and used during International Scientific Conferences, Hospitals or Institutes around the world, as a tool to facilitate Healthcare Professionals communications with the patients, concerning their risk of developing the disease. Gaber’s constant contribution in the Arts and Science in support of his cause, to fight cancer around the world, through increased awareness, prevention and clinical research is providing the artist painter and cancer researcher a new opportunity to get closer everyday, in the constant fight against this disease.

Antoine Gaber Illustrations for Promotion of a CAUSE

The imagery of 2 of his paintings, of the Daffodils, and his Blue Irises were printed on art cards and were made available in The Bay stores across Canada, with all the proceeds of the profits going to the Canadian Cancer Society.

The Book : “Antoine Gaber Passion for Life”

A magnificent art book ingeniously blending style and design, and posters were launched to mark a new phase in the PASSION FOR LIFE Program.

In September 1999, one of Gaber’s paintings “Breaking New Ground in Cancer” graces the program for the 5th Specialist Workshop preceding the 6th Nottingham International Breast Cancer Meeting, this meeting was attended by over 1100 top cancer specialists from around the world.

Antoine Gaber Personal Involvement / Promotion

After founding the endeavor with so much passion, Antoine Gaber has remained very much involved in the program and its promotion, adding his own personal touch. During his public appearances, his international reputation as an artist and researcher are definite assets in raising funds for research organizations.

As an example, a cancer center in Québec received one of his artwork, which was highly appreciated by patients. This gesture adds a more human touch to the setting in which they must live. Indeed, a friendly environment facilitates and enhances their treatment, making the setting more pleasant, while the art affords them a certain degree of escape.

Antoine Gaber partnered with The Bay, the largest retail store across Canada and Orlane Paris, Internationally renowned beauty products, to fight Breast Cancer. The objectives of the program was to increase breast cancer awareness and to raise funds for research, to benefit the women of Canada.

Antoine Gaber has worked in Breast Cancer Research for many years contributing to the development of several breast cancer drugs, and now he is using his internationally recognized artistic talent to contribute to raise funds for cancer research and awareness. Having worked for several years in cancer clinical research, Antoine Gaber’s passion for life and the well being of patients are reflected not only in his clinical research work, and his art, but in the philanthropic causes he supports. Antoine Gaber’s vision and focus have always been toward making our world a better one.

In Canada, “Passion for Life” was an innovative and unique promotion because it addressed women’s beauty needs and enabled customers to support an important woman’s issue.

Gaber traveled to various Bay stores across Canada to showcase some of his original artwork for sale and for autograph sessions of his giclées and “Passion for life” printed posters. Gaber was also accompanied by Internationally renowned breast cancer specialists during several of his press conferences to inform and update Canadians about the efforts of breast cancer research.