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ITALY, FLORENCE – Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art

A multitude of exhibitions in various European cities showcased the artist’s talent and provided opportunities to increase awareness about the PASSION FOR LIFE Program. One such major event was the prestigious Fifth Florence Biennial of Contemporary Art (Italy, 2005), which awarded the artist many prizes and distinctions for the quality of his art and his social initiative on an international scale.

Antoine Gaber Speech during the award Ceremony at the Biennale Internazionale dell’Arte Contemporanea of Florence

During his short speech, Gaber’s message touched the heart of several of his fellow artist and has subsequently received an amazing support from several of his fellow artist from around the world. This outstanding support has now opened the doors to several new International opportunities with other Artists to further expand Gaber’s “Passion for Life” Fundraising Program around the world as a unified International Artistic Force in support of cancer awareness and research .

In 2007, the 840 artists present at the Sixth Florence Biennial of Contemporary Art (Italy, 2007)coming from more than 70 countries, numerous visitors, and Italian and Foreign Government officials, attended Gaber’s presentation of “Passion for Life”.

Supporting by their stage presence Antoine Gaber in his lecture were the President of the Biennale, Pasquale Celona, the Director of the Biennale, Piero Celona and Hollywood actress Anne Archer who, in the same day awarded the Biennale with the prize. Artists for Human Rights”, for having sustained the United Nations program “Dialogue between civilizations” to which the Biennale has officially participated since 2001.

Gaber’s presentation on cancer worldwide had an important impact especially during his interactive session with the public. Antoine Gaber asked the public to raise their hands if anyone has cancer, knew someone with cancer in their own Family or friends, and to raise two hands if they knew more than one. The significant show of two hands raised was a chock to all the participating audience and brought the message home and increased the awareness on how cancer affect our lives not only all around us within our Families and friends but as well around the world. The emotion level in the audience was at his highest when Gaber asked if there were any cancer survivors within the audience. A few hands were raised; Gaber took the opportunity to recognize those very special individuals and their amazing achievements to have successfully beat the odds of dying of this terrible disease. Gaber highlighted why Passion for Life Program is important to make a difference in our own life by raising awareness and early prevention of cancer but also through increase research to find a cure.

At the end of his presentation, Gaber concluded, that only as a unified International Artistic Force in support of cancer awareness and research we will be able to cure this disease. He invited all other attending Biennale Artists to join and further expand “Passion for Life” Fundraising Program around the world.

Antoine Gaber’s conference on his Program update “Passion for Life”, stimulated the interest of the broadcast Television to take the opportunity to interview the artist and cancer researcher as well as some of the VIP guests such as: the President of the Health Commission and Social Politics of Florence, the Secretary of the Meyer Hospital Foundation, the President and the Director of the Florence Biennale of Florence, and the Biennale Passion for Life event Coordinator.

The main topic of the interviews and discussions were surrounding the use of the art through the Biennale of Florence and the “Passion for Life” Program, as an International vehicle to bring an important message to the world to increase awareness and prevention of cancer and support the fundraising to fight this terrible disease. As a prevention strategy the limitation of use of the nuclear becomes important around the world as still today in Japan after the Hiroshima atomic bomb disaster, 63 years later, the incidence of cancer in children are still a big concern. Some of the Pediatric Hospitals in Japan are currently collaborating through research with the Meyer Pediatric Hospital in Florence, to look at treatment and prevention of cancer in the Japanese children.


In February 2007, impressionist painter Antoine Gaber held the first International “Passion for Life” Group Art Exhibition in Mexico, launched at the “Museo de la Cultura Maya” in the City of Chetumal, State of Quintana Roo, Mexico. “Passion for Life” Group Art Exhibition was held under the Patronage of several important Mexican Government Officials, Museum curators, Art Critics, and generous event Sponsors (Fundación Oasis, Hotel Sens, in Cancun and Livingston Travel, Europe) which contributed to the great success of Gaber’s Passion for Life Program.

The official Passion for Life International Art Exhibition opening at the Museum started with an introductory speech to the public and media, followed by the official ribbon cutting Ceremony in the presence of important Mexican Government officials, art critics, some of the attending artists with impressionist painter Antoine Gaber also founder of the Passion for Life Program.

Parallel Passion for life program activities during the art exhibition at the Museum, also comprised of a series of scientific conferences presented by impressionist artist painter and cancer researcher Antoine Gaber, at several important Universities and Museum located in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico.

The two main objectives of Antoine Gaber’s scientific conferences was to first increase health education through awareness about cancer and most importantly early prevention and diagnostic to the younger generation, in the hope of seeding a positive outcome in the future. The second objective of these presentations was to also promote the different artworks exhibited at the Museum to the public, of all participating artists through virtual art presentations across the State.

As founder of Passion for Life Program, impressionist painter Antoine Gaber was especially recognized by the Universities and Mexican Government officials, and Museum curators for his cultural contribution and dedication in promoting the arts while supporting cancer awareness and fundraising.

The “Passion for Life” Program in the State of Quintana Roo, concluded in the City Cancun with two special Gala evenings held at the luxurious Sens Hotel, under the generous sponsorship of the Oasis Foundation. The Gala started with a scientific conference given by impressionist painter, and cancer researcher Antoine Gaber to the public, followed by a virtual art presentations of all the artwork exhibited at the Maya Museum and later commented by attending artists and art critics.